This is Annapurna standing in Tribanga. She is identified by the ladle and pot in her hands. She is standing on a Padmapeetha and which in turn is supported by a Bhadrapeetha.

Though Annapurna is worshipped throughout India, most of the bronzes we see are from Maharashtra or Western Deccan. This Vigraha is from Tamil Nadu as noted by the style( Tribanga), Kosavum (the little projecting part of the saree at the back), the base design and the crown style. More details are on another blog on Annapurna.

Standing Annapurna are rarer compared to seated Annapurna. In the book ‘Change and Continuity: Folk and Tribal Art of India‘ on page 57 there are two examples of standing Annapurna. They are referred to as Ambika in that book, incorrectly I think.

This bronze is about 12 cm in height. The face shows significant ritual wear. This may date to the eighteenth century or earlier.


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