Panjurli (Single cast?)

“Panjurli is one of the most powerful spirits worshipped in the Bhuta region. Being a spirit of totemistic origin, Panjurli got rooted in this region of agricultural and forest land and is worshipped both as a family deity in the households as well as in public shrines. Different forms of Panjurli namely annappa panjurli, kuppe panjurli, baggu panjurli, malara panjurli, boti panjurli, angana panjurli are noticed.”

Quoted from Folk rituals (Of the Tuluva region of Coastal Karnataka) by Dr U. P Upadhyaya and Dr Susheela P Upandhyaya.

Here the deity figure is wearing Ani, the surround for his waist and his legs. He is holding sword and riding a boar, he personifies Panjurli spirit.

The work is folkish. The artist shows remarkable ability to observe and model a boar, note the boar’s hooves, mane, tusks and testicles (back view).

The ornaments include crown, sirachakra, shoulder cover, ani and tassle like decoration for the legs…

Aryanization of local beliefs has resulted in Panjurli’s origination tied to Hindu Pantheon. There are vocal traditions relating Panjurli to Siva and to Vishnu.

The bronzes height is about 11 cm. There is age to this bronze and the patina is deep. The design of this Panjurli does not conform to the other known examples (design of Ani , surround for the legs and the Crown). This probably dates to the nineteenth century. It is from South Coastal Karnataka/North Kerala.

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