Crawling Krishna (Odisha)

One more crawling Krishna and he is included here for the artistic merit and the geographic representation.

Krishna, Ganesha and Durga are probably the most represented deities as household Vigrahas. Crawling Krishna is one of the favourite forms of Krishna.

Krishna, in this case, is identified by the butter ball in his right hand, the tiger claw pendant for his necklace and his nakedness, This form represents Krishna stealing butter and ‘running away’ from his foster mother Devaki.

Profuse ornamentation and a toned body are typical of a crawling Krishna form. The neckwear includes a necklace and a chain.

The earrings, metal composition and the inlaid eyes point to Odisha as the place of origin. This Vigraha, about 9 cm in height, probably dates to the nineteenth century.

Three other examples of crawling Krishna with me are included below for comparison. From our left to right they are from Karnataka (Ganga Jamuna style), Tamil Nadu and Bengal.

Note: Observed today that the Ganga Jamuna one from Karnataka is holding something in his left hand. Yet to figure out what it is.

5 Nov 2022: One of the senior collectors and a well-wisher David B pointed out the object could be a rattle.


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