Seated Vishnu Triad (Kerala)

Here Vishnu is accompanied by his consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi. They are sitting on his lap. Visnu is identified by his attributes Chakra and Shankha. The rectangular Chakra is one of the typical features of Kerala Vishnu. His crown, a halo integrated into the crown’s design, is also typical of Kerala bronzes.

Sri Devi and Bhu Devi hold a lotus flower and a bud in their right and left hands respectively. The artist has taken pains to distinguish between the flower and the bud.

Despite the damages to the bronze, broken prabhavali and broken lower hand of Vishnu, it remains a desirable collector’s item.

Features to note include the way the sashes of Vishnu’s lower garment flow and merge into the prabhavali, the central fold of his lower garment resting on the base (a typical feature of Kerala bronzes), conch-shell like flames on the prabhavali and Vishnu’s distinctive crown.

This Vigraha is about 6.5 cm and it is packed with details. It is probably about 250+ years old. It is from Kerala.


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