Lakshminarayana (Kashmir)


This is, most probably, Lakshminarayana (Vishnu with his consort Lakshmi). The worn-out attributes preclude positive identification.Lakshminarayana back

Vishnu’s right upper arm is holding Gada (mace).  Lakshmi is sitting on Vishnu’s left lap and is holding a lotus in her right hand.

The trefoil prabhavali (body aureole and a nimbus) and the inverted lotus base suggest this Vigraha is from  Kashmir/Himachal Pradesh region. Dr Pratapaditya Pal’s book on Bronzes of Kashmir has an example of Uma Maheshwara of similar style (page 62-63). Photo included below.Uma Maheshwara BOK cat 7

Going by the above example this Vigrha may be dated to the 10th century of the Common Era.

The vigraha is only 4.5 cm in height. By far the smallest Kashmir Vigraha I have come across. The detailing is sharp and this Vigraha is meant for home worship.




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