Siva Parvati (Rishabeshwar?)


Uma Maheshwara

This bronze depicts moustachioed, bearded Siva with his consort Parvati/Uma is riding his vahana, a bull.Uma Maheshwara Right

Siva is holding rudraksha mala(berry bead chain), Trishul and elephant goad in his hands (clockwise starting lower right hand). His lower left hand is holding Parvati. Parvati’s hands are in Anjali mudra.

Siva is wearing the usual set of ornaments, chains, earrings, waist belt, wristbands…His crown’s design is interesting, flattened but tired. Almost a cross between a turban and a crown.

Uma Maheshwara LeftIt is the bull, Siva’s vahana, that catches attention. Robust and fully decked with an array of chains and with short thick horns. You can see the effect, bull’s forehead is worn lot more.

This two piece construction is solid cast. It is about 18 cm in height. This bronze may date to the nineteenth century.

The facial features of  Siva are what you see in Mukhalinga. That along with Parvati’s pose and her forehead suggest this bronze is from South Maharashtra. The features of the bronze, especially Siva, is quite unusual. It is possible this bronze depicts the deity in a particular temple.

Rishabeshwara two pieces


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