This is Krishna in the act of taming Kaliya, the cobra which was terrorising the cowherds along the river Yamuna. For the full story please see Kaliya Mardaka. Kaliyamardaka back

Here Krishna is standing with his right foot on Kaliya’s hood,  his left leg is on the Cobra’s body keeping it in place and Krishna’s left hand is holding the cobra’s tail, leaving Kaliya no-choice but to surrender.

Despite all the vigorous action, Krishna is holding a butterball in his right hand.   The set of ornaments is complete and includes the waist belt with bells.

As usual, Krishna is shown with adult face and chubby features and a belly. He is a young boy who is yet to start wearing clothes.

This Vigraha is most probably from Karnataka, going by the top knot. The material is copper-rich and has delightful patina.

The Vigraha is about 6.5 cm in height. This may date to the nineteenth century.



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