Khandobha (Tribal)

Khandobha (Tribal - Left view)


Khandobha (Tribal- Front view)

This is Khandobha, identified by his vahana, a horse and the accompanying dog. One of his attributes sword is replaced by a spear. His consort, Mahalsa, is sitting behind him.

There is an attendant in front of the horse. The purpose and the identity of the attendant are not known.

Khandobha and his entourage are framed by a triangular prabhavali with a pierced pattern. The rectangular base is stepped. The edge of the top of the base is patterned and it matches the pattern on the inner edge of the prabhavali. Attention to detail.Khandobha (Tribal - Right View)

The detailed shaping of the saddle, the sculpting of the reins, beading on the outer edge of the prabhavali, non-alignment of Khandobha and Mahalsa (allowing Mahalsa to have a view of what is ahead) and the stirrups for Khandobha are to be noted.

The prabhavali pattern suggests this bronze could be from Central India/Maharashtra.

The bronze is about 10 cm in height and 9 cm in depth. This may not date prior to the nineteenth century.

PS: There are probably half a dozen + Khandobhas in my collection. Still could not resist the temptation to buy this one. A classic example of sophisticated thinking and simple execution.


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