Venugopala – Seated

Venugopala seated

Here Krishna, as flute playing Venugoplala, is seated with his consort, Rukmini, on his left thigh. Both are seated on a rectangular throne.

In South India, Rukmini and Satyabhama are Krishna’s consorts. When Krishna is showVenugopala seated backn with one consort it is always Rukmini. As this piece is from  Karnataka, South India, Krishna’s consort is identified as Rukmini. In North India Krishna’s consort is always Radha.

There is some damage to the piece, bronze loss and Krishna’s missing left hand. The ritual worship has resulted in some wear. It remains beautiful.

This form is very rare and I am yet to see another piece like this.

It is about 10.5 cms in height and it is from Karnataka, South India. It is estimated to be from the 16th century.



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