This is Madvacharya, one of the great philosophers of Vaishnavism, a major sect of Hinduism. He is a sanyasi, a person who renounced worldly belongings and embraced austerity. He is a historical figure and said to have lived in the twelfth century.Madhvacharya back

Here he is standing on a turtle wearing only a loincloth, called Kaupina. The turtle marks Vaishnavite affiliation and deifies the figure. In his right hand, he is holding Akshamala and is supporting his ‘Dhanda’ with the right hand. His right thumb and index fingers are joined at the tip in teaching gesture, cinmudra. He is holding palm leaf manuscript (Pustaka) in his left hand. Near his left foot is the water carrier, Kamandala.

His ornaments include headband, armbands, wristbands and a single necklace. Possibly the ornaments are made using Rudraksha rather than precious metals.

The upright mark on his forehead, namam, is either by sandal paste or yellow clay, Gopichandana.

According to Gururaja Bhatt, Studies in Tuluva History and Culture, Madvacharya was responsible for synthesising various cults of Tulu Nadu under Lord Vishnu.

This figure is Ganga Jamuna, made using two metals. The figure is about 9 cm in height. It is quite likely the casting is from North Karnataka/Western Deccan.


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