Bhairava (stone)


Bhairava is holding Trishul,  battle axe, noose and a cup in his hands, starting from his lower right hand clockwise. He is naked but for the ornaments

Behind him is a dog, accompanying animal rather than Vahana (carrier). This blog has few other examples of Bhairava. For the most relevant Bhairava example check this Bhairava.

Bhairava is standing in samapada on a stepped pedestal.

Noteworthy is his Jatamakuta,  shaped like a flame and it is quite large.

This is stone sculpture and is made of soft stone. This bronze is about 10 cm in height and probably dates to the twentieth century. This may be from Tamil Nadu or South Karnataka.

The main reason for including this stone sculpture is to show the similarity in the iconography despite the medium of expression is different. See below




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