Anjaneya devotion

This is Anjaneya (Also known as Hanuman), an ardent devotee of Rama. Here Anjaneya is shown paying respect to his master, Rama. This may have been a part of Rama Durbar set, along with Rama, Anjaneya devotion backLakshman and Sita. Anjaneya is a Pan-Indian deity and does not have a cult of his own but has a strong group of devotees. For more information on Anjaneya or Hanuman, please see the reference listed at the bottom.

Anjaneya is standing on an inverted lotus and which in turn is supported by a rectangular pedestal with incised patterns.  Anjaneya is wearing a short dhoti and the ornamentation is complete. His tail hanging loosely between his legs goes with the show of reverence and devotion.

Anjaneya devotion sideThe casting quality and detailing is normal, almost has the feel of mass-produced bronze. The patina and smoothness of the surface suggest it was in worship at some stage.  But it is the expression on the face, sublime devotion, merits the idol’s place on the blog site.

Worth noting are slight leaning forward (show of reverence) and the flexed knees (no fear or tension) and his wearing sacred thread (Yajnopavitha).

It is about 18 cm in height and it is (most probably) from Tamil Nadu (copper-rich alloy, incised patterns on the base and the way the main figure is attached to the base).  The idol shows signs of worship deposits and ritual wear. But the idol is not very old and may date to the second half of the nineteenth century.


References:  Hanuman  Art, Mythology & Folklore by K C Arya and Subhashini Aryan


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