Seated Krishna

A vigraha of Krishna evokes response at various levels including aesthetics, devotion and playfulness. Rarely do they come together as in this example.

Here seated Krishna, as a toddler, is doing what he likes to do. Eating butter by the handful, that too stolen butter. See the butter container on his left and with that, he ensures his supply.

Here Krishna is depicted naked but is fully ornamented. Different times and different priorities.

Seated Krishna is a rarer form and this is only the third I have come across. Could not resist buying them.

The earliest form of seated Krishna can be traced to a Krishna stone sculpture, now in Chennai Museum. See the other seated Krishna in my collection for details.

This Vigraha is about 9 cm in height and may not date prior to the eighteenth century. This Vigraha is, most likely, from Karnataka.


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