Uma Maheshwara (Himachal)

This is Uma Maheshwara from Himachal. Here Siva, Maheshwara, and his consort Uma are seated on Siva’s vahana, a bull.

Strangely enough, Siva has only two arms. Siva’s right hand is holding an Akshamala and on his left hand a Kapala.

Uma’s left hand is holding a fruit or a flower and her right-hand reaches all the way across to Siva’s right shoulder. Uma’s right hand appears to support Trishul.

The prabhavali with a Kalasa as the finial has a lotus as the central feature. The Bhadrapeetha is elevated. The bull, Siva’s vahana is disproportionately long. It is perhaps done that way to accommodate the two deities.

This Vigraha is from Himachal Pradesh. The prabhavali design and the hollowed casting of the deities support that regional assignment. The Vigraha is about 15 cm in height and it may be dated to the twelfth century.

A remarkable Vigraha. We do not often see a two-armed Siva.


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