Ganesha (Nepal)

Four-armed Ganesha is holding a radish (Muli), prayer beads (Akshamala), battle axe and a bowl containing sweets, starting from the lower right hand and in clockwise.

Ganesha appears to be dancing, with his right leg lifted up and resting on his Vahana, a rat.

His jewelry is complete (crown, two necklaces, arm bands. wrist bands, waist belt and anklets). Looking at the bead-work of the jewelry and the overall detailing it is possible this is a jewelers piece, meaning produced/decorated using the same techniques as in the making of gold jewelry.

This Ganesha has already had an eventful life, someone has removed inlaid stones from his eyes, forehead and his trunk and attempted to fill the space, shabbily, with silver. Two of the stones are intact. Both are on his wait belt one in the front, just below his belly, and one at the back.

Features to note include the billowing scarf (try and trace the scarf end-to-end), detailing on the radish leaves, patterns on his crown, the tusks (both are intact) and the right side turn of his trunk.

This Vigraha appears to be modeled after a published example in Desire and Devotion (John and Beth Ford collection) by Dr Pratapaditya Pal (page 210, cat no 121). That Vigraha is attributed to the sixteenth century.

This Vigraha is about 6 cm in height and it is from Nepal. This may be dated to the nineteenth century.


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