Yasodha Krishna (Classical)

Yasodha Krishna

This is Yasodha and Krishna, identified by the religious mark on Krishna’s forehead and his pinched haird0. Yasodha is Krishna’s foster mother. For more details please see another blog on Yasodha Krishna on this site.

Yasodha is wearing full length lower garment that has incised decoration on its border. She appears to be wearing a blouse and her ornaments are complete from head to ankle.

Yasodha is holding Krishna with both her hands, intent on keeping him still.Yasodha Krishna back

The naturalistic portrayal of Krishna supported at Yasodha’s hips, Yasodha’s stiffened left leg to show the weight on it, the depiction of Yasodha’s torso, Krishna’s playfulness and Yasodha’s right leg slightly bent as if she is about to step forward makes this bronze special.

Now to the back. One cannot but notice Yasodha’s plaited hair running all the way to her ankles. Long hair is considered to be a sign of beauty in India as well. Note the little curve to the right. The little twist makes hair that much more interesting.

Again the naturalistic portrayal continues, with Krishna holding Yasodha with his little hand and his leg finding support.

Let me stop here, while you enjoy ‘ a thing of beauty’.

The bronze is about 18 cm in height and shows some wear. This may be from Western Deccan region and may date to the nineteenth century.



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