Yasodha Krishna


Yasodha Krishna

This is Yasodha Krishna. The identification is based on the child’s’ top knot and his reaching mothers breast. Typical features of Krishna when shown with his foster mother Yasodha. Yasodha Krishna Back

Here Yasodha is holding a lotus in her right hand and is supporting Krishna with her left hand.  Though Yasodha is from farming community, here she is wearing a full set of ornaments, good enough for a royalty.  The absence of additional arms and crown mark non-divine aspects.

This appears to be a single cast bronze and the incised details are sharp.

This is likely to have come from Tamil Nadu. High copper content, engraved patterns on the base point us in that direction. This may not be earlier than the nineteenth century. There are no obvious signs of worship. Not sure whether it was meant for worship.

There are few other Yasodha Krishna on this site Yasodha Krishna (standing), Krishna with his foster parents.



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