Chaturbhuja Hanuman

Chaturbuja Hanuman

This is one of the rarer forms of Hanuman, the eternal devotee of Lord Rama. Here Hanuman is depicted with four arms, as compared to the most common form with two arms. The rear arms carry Chakra and Shankha, attributes normally associated with Vishnu. Chaturbuja Hanuman back The front arms are in Abhaya and Varada mudra (Protection and boon bestowing).

Here Anjaneya is standing in samapada, without any bend, and has his own presence. The idol’s ornamentation is complete and is wearing a full length lower garment.

Chaturbuja Hanuman ProfileThe crown is unusual as it has peaked tiara, normally the type you see in Orissa/Bengal/Pala bronzes. But for that other features suggest the South Indian origin of the bronze.

Seen from the front this idol could be mistaken for Varaha or Kalki, avatars of Vishnu. It is the back view, with a broken tail, confirms it is Hanuman. The profile corroborates that conclusion.

See the sacred thread and the remnants of worship.

This idol is about 13 cm in height and, possibly, comes from Tamil Nadu.  This may date to the eighteenth century.

Sholingar Anjaneya, in a temple near Chennai, is a four-armed seated deity.


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