AnjaneyaAnjaneya or Hanuman is one of the most widely worshipped Hindu deity. An ardent devotee of Rama, Anjaneya has a following of his own.

Here we see him standing erect in Samapada, without any bend, in Anjali Anjaneya back.jpg(worshipping/offering) mudra. The hands are parallel to the ground as compared t the normal pose of them being vertical. He is identified by the simian face and his tail. Otherwise, he has human features (arms, legs, fingers and toes). He is wearing a full-length garment with flares on the sides. The ornamentation is profuse and robust. Sirachakra, at the back with his tail wrapped around, and the crown emphasize his divinity.

This is solid cast and going by the thin base it is quite likely this bronze had a pedestal to slide into and a prabhavali.

The earrings, epaulettes and the material (brass) suggest this bronze is from the Northern Deccan. The raised lotus pattern in the base reinforces that inference.

This may date to the nineteenth century.

The bronze is about 20.5 cm in height. Prabhavali and a normal base would make it large enough for this to be a temple bronze.


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