Puja Spoon (Ganga Jamuna)

This Utharini (spoon) is to distribute consecrated water/liquid after puja. This would have come with a matching container.

Leaving aside the religious aspect of this item, the artist has taken an utilitarian item, elevated it many levels and made it a telling example of sacred art.

Everything about this Utharini is exceptional: lotus shaped receptacle, the peacock decoration, the decorated stem, dancing Krishna and the five-hooded serpent protecting Krishna. Take time to look at the patterns and its variety. Also note the way the main parts receptacle, stem and the handle are separated.

This piece is made using Ganga-Jamuna technique (use of copper and brass). There are nine transitions, copper to brass/brass to copper. Quite different to what I have seen in other Ganga Jamuna works. Just the technical aspects of the fabrication is astounding.

The spoon is about 16 cm in length. It is from Karnataka. This may be dated to the nineteenth century.


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