This eight-armed tantric form of Avalokiteshwara is known as Amoghapasha. Avalokiteshwara is one of the Bodhisattva’s from the Buddhist faith. Amoghapasha is said to remove impediments to one’s enlightenment and hence is called ‘he whose noose is unfailing’. Amoghapasha is the tutelary deity of Kathmandu valley.

Good to see his all his attributes are intact. The hands are displaying Abhaya mudra (protection), Vyakya mudra (teaching) and holding Akshamala (Rosary), Pasha (noose), Sutra (manuscript), trishul , lotus and Kundika (water pot). Clockwise starting from his lower right hand.

The back-plate is detachable and the design is very distinct to Nepal. Amoghapasha is standing on a double-layer of lotus and his posture is erect, Samapada. There may be a slight flex in his knees.

Features to note include the elaborate design of the back plate, his celestial scarf and the double-layered lotus pedestal.

This Amoghapasha is about 21.5 cm in height. It dates to the nineteenth century or earlier. Thanks to Hubert, Greg, Jyric and Eric for their inputs on the age of this Vigraha. (Through FB Group)

It is the gilded face that triggered the purchase. See below.


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