Siva (Folk)

Siva Folk

This is Siva, identified by drum (right hand) and Trishul (left hand). Two armed Siva is not uncommon as Rudra, the earlier form of Siva, is two armed.Siva Folk back

He is standing in Samapada (without any bend) on a plain tapered platform. Siva is framed by a plain prabhavali. The ornaments appear to be applied rather than cast with the image.

See the back view of the depiction of his Jata, matted braided hair. Other things to note include his tall elongated multi-levelled crown and long lower garment.

This is from Central India/Northern Deccan. It is about 8.3 cm in height. This bronze may not be earlier than the nineteenth century.

Another example of two armed Siva on this blog site gives references.



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