Narasimha (?) – Research

Narasimha May be

This may be a modern piece, as in 20th-century bronze. It was with the dealer for about 10 years, till I bought about two months ago. Prior to that in a collection since the 1970s.

Dynamic and aggressive posture. Full of character and it is very lively.

Except for Gada/Mace, the attributes do not fit Narasimha. Axe goes with Parasurama and probably nothing else. Leonine face and plaited hair running down his shoulders attract attention. Strong body. Its back is not worked on.

This may be from Nepal. The left feet is attached to the base by a stud/protrusion from the bottom of his left heel. I have seen such construction in another bronze from Nepal.

The bronze is about 14 cm in height.

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