Varaha with consorts


Varaha with consorts

Varaha is an incarnation of Vishnu and he is associated with the creation of earth or its recovery the Earth from Hiranyaksha, brother of Hiranyakasipu associated with Narasimha.

Varaha is with boar’s face and a human body. Varaha is holding Vishnu’s attributes Shankha and Chakra (Conch and discuss) in his rear hands. Normally Shankha and Chakra are held in left and right hands respectively. A variation or oversight?Varaha and consorts (Back)

His lower hands are in Abhaya and Varada  (Protection and boon giving) mudras and not holding his consorts. Visible from in the back view. His consorts are Sri Devi and Bhu Devi and they are holding a lotus in one of their hands and the other hand is lolahastha. Sri Devi is shown with her characteristic Kacha bandha (Breast band).

Varaha and his consorts are sitting in lalitasana, with one of their legs pendant.

There are several forms of Varaha. This could be either Lakshmi Varaha with Sri and Bhu and embracing them or Yajna Varaha, seated on a throne with Sri and Bhu. Varaha with one consort, esp Bhu Varaha (rescuing of the Earth form) is more common.

There is some wear and the details are fantastic. Not quite sure whether it was in worship. Possibly from Karnataka, South India. It is about 9 cms in height. This may not be earlier than the 20th century. It is included here mainly due to authentic iconography and fair representation.




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