This is Munisuvrata, identified by the cognizance tortoise on the base. Munisuvrata is one of the twenty-four Thirthankaras (preachers of the righteous path) of the Jain sect. He naked standing in Kayotsarga (erect with arms on his side) and this indicates the bronze is from Digambara (sky-clad) sect of Jainism.Munisuvrata no prabhavali

One of the peculiar features of this bronze is what looks like neckwear. The Digambara Thirthankaras are meant to have three folds in the neck, as one of the Lakshan (auspicious aspects). Here the ‘fold’ appears to have some pattern, making it look like a necklace/choker.

The inscription on the base suggests this bronze is from Karnataka. The Kritimukha and the Yaksha/Yakshi are congruent with the Kannada inscription. Any help in translating the inscription is welcome.

The three layers parasol signify the Tirthankara’s conquering the three worlds.  The plain prabhavali is rimmed by flames.

The bronze is about 21.5 cm in height and probably dates prior to the nineteenth century.  The translation of the inscription could help us in dating this bronze.




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