Ganesha (With Prabhavali)

Ganesha with prabhavali

This is Ganesha, remover of obstacles. Normally Ganesha’s Sannidhi is the first one you encounter in a temple.

Ganesha is holding broken tusk, battle axe, noose and Ladoo in his hands. Clockwise starting from the lower right hand. He is seated in lalitasana. His vahana a rat is on the Padmapeetha. Ganesha with prabhavali back

As usual, his belly is ample and prominent and it is restrained by the Cobra, used as a belt.

Ganesha is one of the widely available bronze Vigrahas. Other widely available Vigraha include Hanuman, Mahishasuramardhini/Durga and Krishna. In this example, the presence of prabhavali (attached) and the size makes it rater.

This Vigraha shows considerable age, in terms of ritual wear, accumulation of worship related material and deep patina.

This is probably from Tamil Nadu and may date to the 18th century if not earlier. It is about 11 cm in height.

6 Nov 2020: A Raja Ravi Varma chromolithograph of Ganesha. This was printed by Ravi Varma Press, Lonavala. The print is about 14″ by 10″.


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