Uma Maheshwara


Umamaheshwara KarnatakaThis is Uma Maheshwara (one more), one of the forms of Siva and Parvati (Uma). For more detailed discussion please see the first blog of Umamaheshwara.

Siva’s rear hands are holding battle axe and antelope. The lower front hand is in Abhaya (protection) mudra. Lower left hand of Siva is stretched over and holding Parvati’s waist. Parvati is holding a lotus in her right hand and her left hand is in Lola hasta.Umamaheshwara Karnataka Back

Siva is seated in Lalitasana, with his right leg pendant. Parvati is also seated in Lalitasana with her left leg pendent, mirroring Siva’s position.

The little knob on Siva’s crown, on his right, possibly represents Ganga, goddess of Ganges river.

Prof Gururaja Bhatt’s book on Studies in Tuluva History and Culture has an almost identical bronze, Plate 92 (b). Prof Bhatt refers to it Siva-Sakti. It is from North Karnataka and is dated 14th century.

This icon may be from Karnataka, South India. The spurning, Siva’s torso and the photograph in Bhatt’s book , point us in that direction.

It is about 11.5 cm in height and Umamaheshwara of this size are rarer. This is sold cast and is heavy. This is meant for worship at home or made as an offering to temple.



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