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A chessboard made of brass with exquisite enamel work. The chessboard may be dated to the colonial period and it is heavily influenced by Rajasthani/Moghul miniature paintings.

One of my dealer friends who saw it said every register is a miniature painting by itself.

Now see it yourself. To get more out of it, please see the larger view by clicking on the photos. All photos are high-resolution ones.

A view from above:

The black (?) side and the white (?) side

The central portion

Enlarged view of some of the panels.

Those legs

More of those legs

Another view of the chessboard. The board is 44.5 cm by 44.5 cm. The legs are about 10 cm high.


For once, as I publish this blog the piece is not with me. We gifted it to our son to mark his graduation. One thing is for sure, it will be well cared for.

My son graduated a few years ago and I was looking for something that will go with his antique chess pieces with him. 20+ years separate his getting antique chess pieces and a suitable chessboard. That is what collecting is all about.


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