Venugopala – Mathura

Venugopala Mathura.jpg

This Krishna as Venugopala. This is a recent (relatively) example and this may not be more than 150 years old.

One of the very few examples of bronzes from the Mathura region that I have come across.  Venugopala Mathura backConsidering that at one time the Mathura region was the centre of Indian culture, the rarity of examples from that region is a topic for discussion.

Here Venugopala is standing in samapada wearing a full length lower garment. The stylized loop at the front is an unusual feature.

This Vigraha may have been in worship as evidenced by the red pigments, especially around his feet. The base, with its six faces, is unusual.

Rather plain without any ornamentation, but for his earrings. Probably meant to be decorated before worship.

The height is about 30 cm. The bronze weighs about 8 kilograms.



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