Venugopala (Orissa)

One more addition to my growing collection of Venugopalas. He is always the same, graceful, elegant and peaceful. and always different in the ways, artists portray him.

This Vigraha is from Odisha, going by the five-leafed tiara with central projection and his facial expression.

One of the unusual aspects of this Vigraha is his right leg, crossed over, is resting on the hood of a cobra. One could call this Vigraha as Kaliya Mardaka.

Reasonably plain, in terms of ornaments, and it is his smile that captures your attention.

One thing about the smile, it does remind me of the smiley face. It is not unusual to see the ‘smiley’ mouth in Odisha Vigrahas.

The Vigraha is 17 cm in height. This may be dated to the nineteenth century or a bit earlier.


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