Dattatreya – Ek Mukh seated

Ek Mukha dattatreya

This is Ekmukha (single-faced) Dattatreya. Followers of Dattatreya believe he is the combined form of Hindu trinity, Bramha, Vishnu and Siva. Here he is identified by the attributes. His lowest hands hold Akshamala (prayer beads) and water pot (Kamandala), attributes of Bramha. The hands above that hold Chakra and Shankha, attributes of Vishnu. The topmost hands hold drum and Trishul, attributes of Siva.

Dattatreya is sitting in Padmasana on a multilevel base. Wearing a single neckwear and one wristband for each of the arms, the bronze is a simple one.

Most popular depiction especially in paintings, of Dattatreya, is with three heads and six arms. The seated Dattatreya on this blog may be compared with a single-faced standing one on this site. The order of attributes in the standing one is Bramha, Siva and Vishnu. Could not help but notice it and I do not think it makes a difference.

This is made of brass and it is from Western India. Probably from Maharashtra. The icon is about 7.5 cm in height. It may date back to the eighteenth or the nineteenth century.


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