Ganesha Prabhavali (Gujarat)

Atop a high footed and multi-tiered pedestal, Ganesha sits in the relaxed lalitasana, his crossed left leg touching the lively rodent mount who looks up at his master.  Is he eagerGanasha Gujarat back for a morsel of the sweetmeat (laddu) that Ganesha holds in his lower left hand and is about to pick up with his proboscis? He holds his Ankush in his upper right hand and a stick of sugar cane in his upper left, his trunk curls across his chest towards his lower left hand, his lower right-hand rests on his right knee.

His forehead with silver inlay, the Prabha surmounted by a Kalasa. In South Indian bronzes the Prabha will have designs including Makara and the top will be adorned with Kiritimuka. The eyes probably had silver inlay.

Western Deccan, 16th/17th century. The way in which the deity is attached to the Prabha is typical of Deccan region, esp Gujarat. Kalasha (water pot) on top of the back plate is more common in Western and Eastern Indian bronzes.

It is about 10.8 cm high.



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