Sri Devi (Seated)

This Vigraha is identified as Sri Devi (Lakshmi) because of the breast band and the region (Karnataka) it is from.

Ganga Jamuna vigrahas (made using two metals/alloys) always catch my attention for their aesthetics. The art of making them is now lost and we are yet to reinvent the lost technique. Considering these Vigrahas are from the nineteenth century the loss of know-how is surprising.

Sitting in Ardhapadmasana on an inverted lotus, Sri Dev is holding a lotus (now broken) in her left hand and her right hand is in Varada (boon bestowing) mudra.

Simple ornamentation. The artist has taken shortcuts with her arm ornamentation as the armlet and bangles are not in brass, unlike other ornaments, crown, necklaces, earrings, anklets, waistband and breast band.

Otherwise, this is a simple bronze and would have been a part of a Vishnu triad.

It is not often you see a two-armed Sri Devi in Ardhapadmasana. Seated two-armed Sri Devi sitting in Lalitasana (yes as a part of Vishnu triad) and four-armed ones, on her own, are seen often.

This Vigraha is about 7 cm in height and it is from Karnataka. Most of such Ganga Jamuna Vigrahas are dated to the mid-nineteenth century. That may be the case here as well.

2 March 2022: The identification of this Goddess is tentative. Srinivasa Kumar, through FB pages, shared a picture of Sita with similar iconography. The presence of Anjaneya below cements the identification here. It is suggested this image is from Padavedu temple.


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