Vishnu and Consorts (GJ)


Vishnu and consorts GJ

This is a classic representation of Vishnu with his consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi.

Vishnu is identified by his attributes discuss/wheel (Chakra)  and conch/Shell (Shankha). Sri Devi, on Vishnu’s right, is identified by the breast band and lotus in her left hand. Bhu Devi is identified by the Lilly in her right hand.

All three deities are standing on their individual Padmapeetha (Lotus base) and the deities along with the base slide into custom designed slots in the Bhadhrapeetha. This form of construction of slots on the base is typical of Karnataka region.Vishnu consorts prabhavali

The deities are wearing the full set of ornaments.  Vishnu is wearing Srivatsav mark on his right chest. It is supposed to mark the presence of Lakshmi, another name for Sridevi. All three deities are wearing stylized ankle length lower garments.

The deities are made using two metals, copper and brass. Such images are referred to as Ganga Jamuna bronze, referring to two of the sacred rivers in India. North Karnataka and Madurai are two regions known for Ganga Jamuna bronzes.

The backplate, Prabhavali, is complete with Makara, five-hooded snake and Kirtimukha. By itself, Prabhavali is impressive.

The full set is about 30 cm in height and at the base, it is 23.5 wide. Vishnu’s height is about 18 cm and the goddesses measure 15.5. cm in height.

There is ritual wear to the crown and the lower base. This may not be earlier than the 18th century.

The size of the set, use of Ganga Jamuna technique, quality of work and the fact it is complete makes this special. One of the fellow collectors (HJH) called it a ‘lifetime piece’, meaning one could go thru entire collecting life without coming across a piece like this.

Vishnu consorts back GJ


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