Hanuman an ardent devotee of Rama. He worshipped along with Rama or as an independent deity. When shown with Rama, he is a part of a group that includes Sita( Rama’s wife), and Lakshman(Rama’s younger brother). Hanuman is a popular deity among rural as well as urban folks.Hanuman Back

Here Hanuman is standing in Samapada and is relatively stiff as seen from the back. His hands are in anjali mudra, in prayer. This statue is fully decorated with ornaments. He is wearing full length dhoti.

One unusual feature of this figure is the way his tail is framing him, almost like Prabhavali. There are two holes at the back of the base suggesting at some stage this sculpture had a prabhavali. He is holding gada (mace) tucked between his upper body and left hand.

It appears this image is meant for independent worship. Tail farming Hanuman, show of belligerence or power, two holes for prabhavali  and holding of mace are indicators.

This sculpture is about 19 cm in height and is sold cast. At this height it is probably meant for worship in a temple.

This bronze may be from Tamil Nadu. The patina is deep. This may not any earlier than 19th century.




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