Gajalakshmi (Bengal)


Gajalakshmi (Bengal)

One more Gajalakshmi, this time from Bengal/Bihar. Four armed Gajalakshmi is holding lotuses in her rear hands and elephants are standing on the lotuses. Elephants are pouring water from upturned pots on Lakshmi in ritual bathing, Abhisheka,  Gajalakshmi’s front hands are in Varada and Abhaya (Boon giving and protection) mudra.Gajalakshmi (Bengal) back

Here Gajalakshmi and the elephants are framed by prabhavali. The Kalasa on top of Prabhavali is typical of Eastern India. There is a container on the pedestal placed on Gajalakshmi’s left. The purpose of the container is not known to me.

Gajalakshmi is sitting on a rectangular pedestal which in turn supported by another pedestal. The lower pedestal has beaded rim.

The back of the bronze is not worked on but is ‘clean’. Folds in Gajalakshmi’s lower garments and her necklace are well worked.

The bronze is pitted and probably was in the water for a very long period. Other than that it does not much age related wear. This bronze is about 10 cm in height.

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