Umamaheshwara (Gujarat)

Uma Maheshwara

This Shiva and Parvati and their respective Vahanas Rishabh and Lion.

Shiva’s upper hands are holding Trishul and Cobra. His lower right hand is in Varada (boon bestowing) mudra and his lower right hand is holding Parvati.  Parvati is sitting on Shiva’s lap. Generally, this iconography is referred to as Umamaheshwara. Uma maheshwara Back

One of the interesting features is the way the Vahanas are shown, tucked under Shiva’s legs. Rishab under his right thigh and the lion, Parvati’s vahana, under his left leg. It is almost as if Shiva is riding both the Vahanas.

There is a small kneeling figure in the front and it is probably the donor. Richly engraved and the engravings mark the ornaments, decorative scrolls (Prabhavali and Bhadrapeetha) and to mark folds in the lower garments. There are some inscriptions at the back and they are probably dedicatory in nature.

This vigraha is from Western India (Gujarat/Rajasthan) and it is about 12 cm in height. There is a significant amount of ritual wear. The inscriptions suggest this Vigraha is from the 16th century.  Gujarat was under the Moghul empire then.


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