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Bought this bronze thinking it could be Vishnu, holding mace (broken) and chakra, with sDurga rightome form of ayudha purushas in front. That changed quickly when I noticed the crescent moon on the shield. Hence the research.

Himachal lakshmi with leaf necklaceThis is possibly from Kashmir/Himachal Pradesh. There are some similarities between this bronze and what is published in Antiquities of Himachal Pradesh by M Postel, A Neven and K Mankodi (see figures 157 and 158). Especially Fig 157

Durga left

Laksmi’s neckwear.Durga back

This is possibly Durga holding sword and shield. In my collection, there is a Durga slaying buffalo-demon holding sword and shield in her rear hands.

This bronze connects with people almost instantly and one of the fellow collectors said ‘he would have pounced on it if he had seen it’.

Any information about who, when and where is welcome. It is about 10.5 cm in height.

29 Aug 2019:    The picture below, identified as Kali or a mother goddess, is from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The similarity between Durga, the subject of this blog and the Mandi Kali is striking. Photo Courtesy: Sabya Sachi Ghosh through FaceBook.

Mandi Kali





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