Uma Maheshwara

Uma Maheshwara Deccan

This is Umamaheshwara, identified by the Mriga (antelope) and Trishul on his right hands. The attribute on the upper left hand is broken.

The tall crown of Siva, his holding Trishul, Mirga on his right hands, the garments flares on both sides and hour-glass Uma Maheshwara Deccan backshaped pedestal on an octagonal base are among the features worth noting.

For some reason, the bronze is abraded. Note the flattened right hand of Siva and Uma.

The protrusion on the left side of Siva’s crown possibly represents Ganga. As it is the case with South Indian bronzes, the back is worked on, though the worshippers do not see the back.

There is significant ritual related wear to the crowns and Uma’s face signifying age.

The tall crown, Trishul and the garment flares suggest this bronze may be from North Deccan.  It is about 7.5 cm in height. This bronze may date prior to the nineteenth century.

This is the fourth Uma Maheshwar on this site and it different to the others. Included below are the photos of other bronzes for comparison.

Uma Maheshwara Deccan

Three Umamaheshwaras



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