Valampuri Ganesha (Standing)


Ganesha Standing

This is Ganesha, son of Siva and Parvati. It is a rare form, standing Valampuri (trunk turned to the right) Ganesha.Ganesha standing back

In this example, he appears to be holding sweet, axe, goad and lotus bud in his hands. Clockwise starting from the lower right. His trunk is reaching out for the sweet in his right palm. One of the most commonly seen portrayal.

His vahana, a rat, is seated between his feet. The symbolical representation of his riding his vahana. A snake is wrapped around his ample belly. He is standing in samapada, without any bend, on a rather plain rectangular pedestal.

This bronze is about 9.5 cm in height. Going by the metal/alloy this is likely to be from Western Deccan region. This is made for a home/personal shrine. There are significant wear and deposits resulting from ritual bathing. This may not date prior to the 18th century.


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