Lakshminarayana (Gujarat)

An undramatic Lakshminarayana, but still a good example of iconography of Western India (most likely Gujarat).

Four-armed and holds Shankha, Padma, Gada and Chakra (Conch Shell, Lotus, Mace and Wheel) in his hands and is perched on vertical support. Vishnu’s consort, Lakshmi, is sitting on Vishnu’s left lap.

Garuda, identified by his wings, is supporting Vishnu’s left leg. Garuda is Vishnu’s vahana. Garuda’s hands are in Anjali mudra.

One interesting aspect is the way Lakshmi is holding Vishnu, by his shoulder and not by his waist. Almost a friendly gesture.

Another thing to note is the absence of breastband for Lakshmi. The tradition of breastband for Lakshmi appears to be a South Indian one.

This Vigraha is 14.5 cm in height. This may be dated to the nineteenth century, if not earlier.

Something to think about:

Below is a set of four Vigrahas, including the subject of this blog. The feature to note is the earrings. All are round. It seems to be a special feature of bronzes from Gujarat. Something to follow up.

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