I worship Lord Maha Ganapathi who has the face of the divine elephant, bedecked with the crescent on His head, red in complexion, three-eyed, embracing His beloved consort with a Lotus in her hand and who dwells ever in His heart. Who in His hands holds pomegranate, sugarcane, bow, effulgent wheel, lotus, noose, lilies, paddy corn-ears, own (broken) tusk and jewel pot.

This is the Dhyana Slokha of Magaganathi, as found in the book on Glory of Ganesha published by Chinmaya Mission Trust.

Dhyana Slokas are verses that describe and praise the deity. They are used in worship and to visualise the deity when meditating. To the artists, they define iconography. In that sense, this Mahaganapati is a true Vigraha.

This finely cast Ganapati is about 7.5 cm high. It is a well-worshipped Ganapati. Somebody has decorated the Ganapati with earrings, see the back view. The Vigraha is from Tamil Nadu and, probably, dates prior to the nineteenth century.

Of the Mahaganapti I have published so far, this is probably the ‘most complete’ with the pot of jewels held by his trunk. Included below are the other published Mahaganathis.


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