Uma Maheshwara (Kavacha)

Uma Maheshwara Kavacha

This is Umamaheshwara, identified by Siva/Eshwara’s vahana the bull and the attributes in Siva’s hands Akshamala, Trident and Mirga. Clockwise starting from his lower right hand. Siva’s lower left hand is resting on Uma, his consort, leg. Rather oversized hand.

Definitely, a folk murti and probably was kept in a temple. Uma maheshwara No prabhavali

Three aspects of this murti are worth noting.Uma Maheshwara Kavacha detached

  • Nandi, the bull, is crafted beautifully. If I can say so, it is aesthetically more appealing than the main deity.
  • The backplate is the classic Makara, Kiritamukha and five-hooded cobra style. Narrowing down the region from where this idol could be from. The quality engraving on the backplate is something we do not see often. The number of patterns engraved and the lower portion being split into four parts are worth taking in.
  • The most uncommon aspect of this vigraha is the Kavacha (body armour) and in this case, the combined face mask and Kavacha. The Kavacha also has a cobra hood, seven-headed one.  It is rare to see the deity and the Kavacha together.

This vigraha most likely comes from North Deccan, going by the material used, the theme and Uma’s features. It is about 30 cm in height. The height of the vigraha, the Kavacha suggest this is from a temple.

This may date to the nineteenth century.

Note: Removed the Kavacha for the first time since I bought the vigraha, for the photo. Now it is back in place and will remain there.

Prabhavali of Uma Maheshwara


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