Vishnu Triad (Himachal Pradesh)

Vishnu Triad HP

Here Vishnu is with his consorts, holding Lotus, Mace, Chakra and Shankha in his hands. Clockwise starting lower right. Vishnu is standing on a Lotus pedestal which is in turn supported by a rectangular platform. His consorts are in lesser position standing on the rectangular platform. Vishnu Triad HP back

Note the Vanamala, knee-length flower garland of Vishnu. The Vanamala is a typical feature of North Indian bronzes, especially Vishnu bronzes. The design of the crown is typical of Himachal bronzes. Other noteworthy features include pilasters with a horizontal bar, lotus as a halo behind Vishnu’s head

The book Antiquities of Himachal Pradesh by M Postel, A Neven and K Mankodi has several examples of Vishnu triads. Most of them dated 10th to 13th century.  This bronze is probably close to Figure 182 (dated to late 11th century) in that book.

This bronze, with the breakage,  is about 16 cm in height.



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