Vaishnavi is identified by her attributes. She is holding Padma, Gada, Chakra and Shankha. Clockwise starting from her lower right hand.Vaishnavi back

Vaishnavi is wearing Vanamala (flower garland) and is sitting in Padmasana. She is framed by a prabhavali (partly broken).

Vaishnavi is one of the Saptamatrikas (seven mothers) and she is also the Sakthi of Vishnu.

This Vigraha possibly dates back to the Pala period (10-12th century of CE) and is from Bengal/Bangladesh area. The dealer mentioned it is from the Mainamati area of Bangladesh. The vigraha is about 6 cm in height.

The peaked crown, long Gada and the patterns on the Chakra go with the regional attribution.  As is common with Pala bronzes the back is not worked on.

There is a similar bronze in Bengiya Sahitya Parishad museum (PM-BSP-WB-33651).


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