One more Vithoba, the reigning deity of Maharashtra. His others names include Vittala and Panduranga. The worship of Vithoba is centred around Pandharpur. For more details of Pandharpur deity see Panduranga and Rukmini. Vithoba here is standing in Samapada (without any bend) on a rectangular pedestal. His ornaments include crown, earrings, shoulder hara, armband, wristband, multiple necklaces, chest decoration, a waistband with bells and anklets.Vitobha (Back)

The lower garment has side flares and appears to be full length. Like typical South Indian deities, he is barefoot.

His right hand is in Varada mudra (boon giving) with lotus bud held between thumb and forefinger. His left hand is holding a conch.

The presence of spurning, shaping of the torso region, flares behind neck suggest this bronze is from Western Deccan region.

This bronze is about 10.5 cm in height. It shows considerable ritual wear. This may date to the eighteenth century.

Despite the assertion, Panduranga and Vithoba represent the same deity residing in Pandharpur and not avatars or different forms, the following iconographic references could be noted. Refer the images below.

  • Flat crown for Panduranga as compared to conical crown for Vithibha
  • Hand positions are different
  • Panduranga is wearing Vanamala, calf-length flower garland.
  • Chest ornaments differ.

Panduranga RukminiVitobha


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