Ganga Jamuna Garuda

Garuda Standing (GJ).jpg

There is one more Ganga Jamuna Garuda already posted in this site. For details on Garuda please see that posting.

This posting is mainly to show how diligently the Silpasatra’s/iconography’s guidelines Garuda Standing back (GJ)are followed. Except for the long garland or chain running almost to the knee (Garuda on the right),  the structure, ornaments, posture, relative proportions and even the facial expression match. The differences in the patterns on the dhoti (lower garments)  and lotus pedestal design indicates the leeway for artistic expression.

It is needless to say they are from the same region and they are from North Karnataka. This may not be older than the 18th century. The art of making Ganga Jamuna pieces seems to have been lost and modern pieces of this quality are not seen.

The murti is about  11.8 cm in height.



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