Gauri with Ganesha

Gauri with ganesha

Ganesha on her right and Linga with four lotuses on her left helps us to identify the deity as Gauri or Parvati.

Gauri is holding something in her hands and her sitting posture is halfway between Ardhapadmasana and Vira asana. Normally Gauri holds a Linga in her hands and in this case, there is a Linga on her proper left.  Leaves us guessing as to what is in her hands.

The linga is surrounded by four lotuses (guess)  and Siva’s vahana Nandi is facing Linga.Gauri with Ganesha parts

Ornamentation is minimal and it makes sense as Gauri is doing Tapas to acquire fairer skin. Interesting to see earlobes holes. Probably meant to be decorated with earrings.

It is a four-piece construction and it is a minor miracle that all the pieces are in place. The features are in general rounded. There is some ritual wear.

This vigraha is very heavy.  The loops on the base suggest the vigraha was meant to be taken in procession.

The prabhavali has Kiritamukha and three-headed cobra. There is no Makara.

The loops at the back of the prabhavali (not shown) and the topic of this Vigraha suggests this is from North Karnataka/South Maharashtra.

This vigraha probably dates to the nineteenth century. The Vigraha is about 20 cm in height.

Gauri Ganesha and Linga

1 Sept 2019:  Within five minutes of publishing this blog,  John Anderson contacted me to ensure I mention all key features/points. I had missed Nandi.


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