This is Jambhala, God of wealth and prosperity. He is identified by the lemon and mongoose in his right and left hands respectively.  When pressed by Jambhala, the mongoose spits out gems. Here the mongoose is looking at his master, an unusual depiction.

For a God of wealth, his ornamentation is austere. Just a five-peaked tiara, a single strand of neckwear and earrings. His lower garment is patterned, as may be noticed in the back view.Jambala Mangoose

Jambhala is from Vajrayana Buddhism and he is sometimes referred to as Kubera, Hindu God of wealth.  Kubera, according to Hindu mythology, is also one of the eight Dikpalas (Guardian of directions).

The features to notice are the long tail of the mongoose (mongoose measures 4 cm end-to-end), relaxed posture, his hair tied in a bun and his plump features.

This bronze is only 5 cm in height and it is probably from Nepal. There is some light wear and this may date to the Nineteenth century. The small size may be an indication this was a personal deity (Yidam).




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