Venugopala and his herd

This is Venugopala, flute (Venu) playing cowherd (Gopala) form of Krishna. As an avatar of Vishnu and he is holding discuss and conch shell  (Chakra and Shankha) in his rear hands. Generally it is believed that the four-armed versions are meant for temple worship.

On the front you see four cows and a calf listening to his music. It is the the cows that give him the name Gopala, cowherd. The calf on the top of the pedestal is a nice touch from the artist.

Another unusual feature is the Cobra on the front pedestal between the cows. Venugopala in this example, is also protected by a single-hooded cobra.

Krishna is standing in tribhanga (triple bend), graceful as ever, with  his right leg crossing over the left. He is supported by the firmly placed left foot and right toes.

This bronze, I think, is assembled rather than cast. Among the things to note are the Vaishnavite emblems, Shankha and Chakra, on the prabhavali and the number of engraved patterns.

This Vigraha may date to nineteenth century. It is about 9 cm in height. This is possibly from Karnataka.

Below is a set of venugopala in my collection.


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